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About Boxbird Gallery

We are no Amazon, we do not have a 24hr customer services department, or a giant warehouse. But be assured that we love what we do, and adore what we sell. You, and our art, will always come first. Buying art is very personal, so why make our business anything but personal too...

Boxbird Gallery is a family business, founded and run by husband & wife team Alice & Graham Carter. We sell limited edition prints by over 40 artists from across the globe. First opened in 2008 from a gallery space in Hove, Boxbird has hosted some of Brighton & Hove’s most exciting exhibitions, won awards and helped launch the career of some amazing illustrators. In 2013 Boxbird moved exclusively online while Alice & Graham juggled work and started a family! The space in Hove is now Boxbird Studios, where several illustrators and printmakers work from.

Boxbird specializes in contemporary printmaking & Illustration, representing some of the best known names in the business including Jon Burgerman, Jane Ormes, John Bond, Tom Frost and Peskimo (oh and Graham Carter of course!). We sell affordable artworks from across the globe, and whatever your budget is we have something for you. 

If you have any questions about a piece of artwork, about Boxbird or life in general please drop us an email at hello@boxbird.co.uk and Alice will get back to you as soon as possible!

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