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Mina Braun

Mina was born in Germany, and moved to Scotland in 2003 to study illustration at Edinburgh College of Art. After completing first a Bachelors degree and then a Masters, Mina stayed in Edinburgh and continued working as a freelance illustrator.

As a student she discovered screen-printing as one of her favourite ways of working and as the perfect technique to turn black drawings into colour.

When she is not working on a freelance project or running a workshop, Mina loves filling her sketchbook with ideas and drawings, which she then turns into limited-edition screen-prints. In her drawings she likes to merge mundane life with tranquillity, with leaves growing from tea-cups or a woolly blanket turning into a garden.

Mina returned to Berlin in 2015 and works from her studio-space in the arts-complex Colonia Nova.

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