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Miss Swanne

*FACT: Miss Swanne does not drink tea – a quirk that differentiates her from the fellow creatives who share the London studio.

So rather than the ubiquitous tea-ring stain, her desk instead plays home to a modest collection of vinyl toys, magazine tear sheets, hand food and her trusty Wacom pencil. She has produced work for advertising (TV and web), publishing (magazines and book covers) and the odd private commission or two…and as of the last year – walls (generally found in houses, offices, bedrooms, nurseries & commercial spaces) with her very own customised wall paper and painted murals. She has no favoured medium but it is always nice to see her characters move, smile and wink back at her.

Miss Swanne used to be an agent (no, not undercover) but of illustration (of course!) – so she is used to taking briefs, project managing herself and, obviously, drawing. She is still rumoured to be working on that elusive Children’s book and is saving to visit Tokyo one day – her personal utopia and home to all things cute and gooey eyed…

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