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Sally Elford

As soon as I was aware that you could do art as a job – that's all I wanted to do. I studied its various forms after leaving school and graduated from Brighton University nearly 20 years ago and have lived in (or near) that vibrant city ever since.


To describe my work 'in a nut-shell': I apply a Mid-century inspired style to subjects from nature.

Trees, leaves and animals, particularly birds, are a major source of inspiration: Charley Harper has been an influence. Like him, I love translating complex natural subjects into their basic components; designing them as flat, graphic forms with simple decorative detail.

My source of inspiration is a fusion of nature and equally of contemporary art that I find in independent galleries. I love screenprinting and that method also influences a simplicity in my work – whether I intend the design to end up as a print or not.


When I'm not printing I apply a similar style to illustration commissions – clients over the past 15 years have included the BBC, V&A, WHSmiths, National Trust and Usborne.


I work from home and produce most of my screenprints myself on a little bench in a sunny bay window. I'm in my 'happy place' when printing is under way (as long as I don't drop a squeegee full of ink!)


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