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Spotlight on... Lucie Sheridan

We interview Illustrator & Printmaker Lucie Sheridan about how she found her way into the print world, her interests and inspirations!

BB: Can you tell us a little about your educational experience, how you found yourself producing limited edition prints and any advice you would give to students of a similar discipline heading into the big wide world of printmaking & illustration?

I studied a foundation course at Kingston Univeristy, fantastic year spent. I turned up with a painted door to the interview.... I heard it was a hard one to get into – so I wanted to make sure/door they remembered me. I then went onto study illustration at UWE Bristol, I adored the module spent in the print room, and wanted to stay there… Do what you enjoy.

BB: When & where did you lean to screen-print? Was it a skill that came naturally or has it taken you time to master? What would be your top tip when printing?!

I learnt to screenprint from Dave Fortune the print tech at UWE. His attention to detail set me in good sted for the rhythm of screen printing. I also could aspire to a familly friend Lara Harwood who took screen printing in her stride and made it look yummy – je adore.

BB: Are there any commercial clients, companies or individuals out there that you would like to work with either for a campaign or in a collaborative way?

Loads, I bearly touched the surface, I am currently trying to knock on the door over the big pond, and work with the most positive folk on the planet!

BB: Which illustrators, artists, designers are inspiring you at the moment?

I love keeping up to date with instragram/twitter feeds of the creative activity of @charlottelovely @jennykbowers @janereisger @robhodgson

BB: Which websites do you visit regularly?

Sage, Pinterest, twitter/instagram and if im lucky Apartment Therapy.

I have limited time to work – so I tend to really limit the eye candy to the necessary.

BB: Tell us about your workspace & your working environment at CentreSpace. 

I work in a shared studio space – we own the building, and run it as a co-operative..shared responsibilities etc. but my immediate space I share with artist Simon Tozer , we have a good ideas sharing relationship. It is a space with beautiful spiral staircases and right in the centre of old bristol, here is a link to the old city along with Simon’s work http://bristololdcity.co.uk/

Lucie Sheridan at work 

BB: Do you have any interesting projects coming up?

I am currently about to launch into a card project with a card company based in Hastings. I am also going to be exhibiting new work – paintings! At the AAF Battersea in March.

BB: If we could have asked you any question in the interview what would it have been & what would your answer have been?

What music do I dance around the kitchen to?

….erm. not fussy, anything that is on the radio, we are quite a ‘dance expresssive’ family!

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