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Movie Posters at Boxbird Gallery

Lets Go To The Movies!!!

Every one loves a good film, whether its the big screen experience or curled up in your own home the magic is always there. My favorite film of all time is The Goonies - something I still claim despite being laughed at on my first day at film school! What's not to like? Adventure, cool kids, pirates, action, comedy - oh It's ace!

And my Boxbird artists love cinema just as much as me, and it comes across in their artwork all the time, from Star Wars to Romeo & Juliet. This is a selection of some of our most poplar movie homage's, all available online at boxbird.co.uk

let us know which one is your favorite in the comments section below...


Dawn of the Dead by Sam Williams, Silkscreen, £70

Black Lung by Graham Carter, Silkscreen, £90 (inspired by Zoolander)


Taxi Driver by Spencer Wilson, Giclee, £70


A Fist Full Of Eastwood, by Ben Newman, Silkscreen, £90

The Lives Of Others by Lucy Vigrass, Silkscreen, £100

2001: A Space Odyssey by Mark Hooley, Silkscreen, £150


 Titan Wandering by Graham Carter, Giclee, £160 (inspired by The Iron Giant)

All of the featured prints are available online at boxbird.co.uk

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