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Donna Wilson teams up with The Secret Linen Store

We are big fans of Donna Wilson here at Boxbird and we were so excited to find out that she has teamed up with the brilliant Secret Linen Store to create some beautiful but fun new bed linens!


Any one who knows me knows that I love bringing Illustration into my home, whether it be lampshades, cushion covers, wall paper or bed linen Im there! And as the owner of several sets of Secret Linen Store bed linen sets I was so excited when I heard they were teaming up with the brilliant designer, illustrator & awesome soft toy creator Donna Wilson! 

Back in 2004 Graham Carter (my husband!) was part of an exhibition at Staffordshire Town Hall, it was one of his first as a printmaker, and it was along side Donna! We instantly fell in love with her soft toys and bought ourselves one each! 13 years on we still have them, they are treasured items on our every growing toy shelf that the kids are not allowed near! There is a picture of Graham, Donna and myself somewhere, but of course I can't find it!

Peggy Long Legs says "I'm cheerful and polite. I like strawberry ice cream but dislike spiders and flies." Im with you on the spiders & flies Peggy. And Stripey Head says "I'm quiet and thoughtful. I like bird watching and dislike cottage cheese."

So, Donnas sense of fun has always shone through in her work, and her SLS collaboration is no different. I'm absolutely in love with her Blah Blah design and I am going to have to invest in a set of Menagerie for the boys room! The repeat pattern in the Scandi set is really lovely, im particularly liking the colours.... oh dear, Im going to have to have all three aren't I??!!!


There is a lovely blog feature of the SLS website, where company director & designer Molly has a nice chat with Donna - it's well worth a read!

And of course if your in the market for a new set of bed linen then pop along to secretlinenstore.co.uk for a huge selection of beautiful, affordable bed linen! 


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