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The beautiful Illustrations of Melissa Castrillon


So on one of my (many) delves into instagram I discovered the amazing illustrations of Melissa Castrillion. Im probably a bit late to the party considering her twelve thousand followers! The colours she uses, to create these stunning visions of flora & fauna simply jumped off the screen and hit me! 

One of her latest projects is an absolutely wonderful new children's book, If I Had a Little Dream, Written by Nina Laden and Illustrated by Melissa. 

I cant tell you how much I have fallen in love with this - my copy is on order! This little tale explores the wonderful world we live in, and how lucky we are to be in it. Its about Love and happiness - its simply the absolute feel good book of the year. 

This is my favorite spread with the beautiful words 'If I had a little garden, I would name it Whole. Whole would be filled with roots and seeds, and feed my heart and soul'. Beautiful words accompanied by Melissa's whimsical dream like vision of Whole. I adore the pod like trees, and the little creatures living in the grass & flowers. 



I Could wax lyrical about her work & this stunning book all day. A big ten out of ten from us!

Check out more illustrations by Melissa Castrillon online at www.melissacastrillon.co.uk

You can pick up your copy of If I Had A Little Dream at Waterstones and other good book stores too!

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