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Life as we know it...

Its been a roller coaster year in the Boxbird household......

For those of you who follow my twitter, facebook and instgram you may have got an idea of what a terrible year it has been for us. The summer begun for us with a huge flood ruining our studio, all of our stock, frames, papers, and anything else the water could possibly soak into. Six months on we are only just starting to move back into a newly dried out studio!

And as this went on I was traveling back and forth to visit my sister in a hospice in Wiltshire. Sadly Debby died in September from secondary Melanoma in her brain. It was one of the most horrible things i have ever experienced. She and I had a complicated relationship, im not going to pretend it was anything more. But I loved her dearly, and she was always there if I needed advice or a kick up the backside!

With Christmas coming Im painfully aware of her absence. This picture was taken by my brother on holiday in Scotland about 20 years ago. Its my favorite picture of her. 

So needless to say Im only just starting to feel as though Im ready to start blogging again. 

Infact i feel like a new surge of inspiration and energy has recently been bestowed upon me. Perhaps it's my sister up there looking down and saying 'Oh come on that's enough moping around Alice, get back on it'. So, with a fancy new studio imminently ready for me to move into, the new furniture arrived yesterday and our bespoke built planchest almost complete I'm almost good to go. 

So here is my new years resolution for 2019! Blog more, follow the marketing plan that I have devised this week and make amazing things happen for 2019!

I have some wonderful Illustration inspired posts planned for you, and Ill be doing promotion for Graham more now too so expect some more posts about his personal work and commercial. 

I do have one very exciting plan for next year, The Green Show with my beloved creative collective SCIP. If your not following us on social media you really should - we are putting on some awesome events next year! Find us on the usual ones @wearescip

the SCIP team at the summer 2018 workshops in seaford

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