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A little refresh!

A quick and easy way to refresh your interior without all the paint, mess and cost...


Yesterday we drooped in the unrelenting heat that took hold here on the Sussex Coast. Everyone said 'oh we must not complain' but in all honesty I dont fare well in heat, never have done, even as a child i was the only one seeking shade! So i did complain, and I wasn't happy....but hiding in the cooler parts of the house got me thinking that it was time for a change around of artworks. 

I like to do this a few times a year. It can completely refresh a room without any of the re-decorating effort. Moving artwork into different rooms, bring pieces from the bedroom down to the living room can make the whole house feel new! I guess this is the advantage of a neutrally decorated house - if your scheme is all blues and you go stick a green print in there it may no work!

So now my house feels new again i started to think what prints might inspire a new addition to a collection! Perhpas your new to art buying, perhaps your new to Graham Carter artworks? Well, be assured you in good hands here! 

New to Graham....

Ok, so here's a word of advice, well more of a warning - Grahams artwork is addictive. I'm really not joking. Many of his collectors can vouch for this, once you have one you need ten more! The depth of detail, standard of printing and beautiful imagery make his work hugely addictive and such fun to own!

Here are some top prints for kick starting your collection.....


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