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A creative community supporting your journey!

I am very proud to be part of an amazing arts collective, Seaford Contemporary Illustrators & Printmakers (SCIP). We work in Seaford and the surrounding areas to bring contemporary art and design top the community. We set up amazing illustration exhibitions, incredible free workshops for kids, run creative networking events and now are launching our new online community #mySCIPchallenge!

What is #mySCIPchallenge

It's simple really, you set yourself a creative challenge, you take a picture of yourself with your challenge - like me above! Silly face is optional!!

Then post it on social media tagging @wearescip and using the #mySCIPchallenge. Then you follow us and follow the hashtag and see what others are doing. Together we will all post our journey to achieving our goal and together we will support, advise and cheer each other on!

Why should I take Part?

With the impending doom of the Covid19 Pandemic now it is more important than ever to stay creative and focused on the things that bring us joy, and keep us passionate.

This journey may have ups and downs, projects may fail, or you may get stuck on something - as a community we can all help you get to where you want to be!

What can my challenge be?

It can be anything creative, you might want to make your boarders in your garden more colourful, or launch a new solo exhibition, perhaps you have always wanted to write a book, or your leaning how to lino print? What ever its is, however big or small tell us about it and let us be part of the fun!

I look forward to seeing you all join me on my journey which is to blog more! So sorry, more waffle coming your way!!

Alice xx

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