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New portfolio work by Graham Carter

Graham Carter is creating a new commercial portfolio and we love it!

New illustration work by Graham Carter

The Boat Trip - New commercial illustration by Graham Carter 2020

Illustrators, like any artist evolve. Its a natural process, and no artist should feel penned into working in only one style. Its important to try new techniques, experiments with new technology and develop new styles to continue enjoying your own working process. 

Graham Carter is the perfect example of evolving style... 20 years ago his award winning Bupa campaign set him apart from his peers and launched an incredible commercial illustration career... but compare that to his current work you would never think they were the same artist!

Bupa by Graham Carter 2002

After years of successful commercial illustration Grahams worked with organisations around the globe and on a diverse range of projects. His critically acclaimed DirtyBird Record covers adorn walls and record collections around the world, while his editorial work for New Scientist continue to amaze. Diesel, Waterstones, Aardman, Financial Times, Waitrose, and many more organisations come to Graham because of his incredible flexibility and creative vision for their brands. 

The New Scientist cover by Graham Carter 2012

Waitrose and Sunday Times by Graham Carter 



Now he's mixing things up again with a fresh approach to his visual storytelling skills. These self initiated pieces are a recent experiment which we think are brilliant. The trying to work from home piece is particularly current! Anyone juggling the kids, home schooling and a business will know this feeling!

Working from home by Graham Carter, new commercial work for 2020

So if you are on the hunt for a commercial illustrator for your next project give Graham a call, he will create something amazing for you! Follow him over on instagram on @carterdraws or email hello@carterworks.co.uk

Have you changed your style as your career as grown? We would love to see how your work has evolved and changed over the years! Comment below!!

Thanks for reading and have a fab day!
Alice x


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