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Royal Academy Young Artists Summer Show

The RA Young Artists Summer Show has some absolutely incredible work in it this year.. here are some of our favorites...

Nipsey Hussle by Priya, Age 15

This is a drawing of late rapper Nipsey Hussle. I wanted to pay tribute to Nipsey as I have a lot of admiration for him - he was a visionary, yet still remained humble and gave back to his community. I've also grown up listening to rap music, so his music is very important to me. In this drawing, I focused a lot on texture (for example the beard and the coat) so that it feels more realistic.


The talent in young artists amazes me, their natural ability to see and create without years of training or practice can truly blow you mind somedays. 

I always enjoy this exhibition and this year it is full of some incredible treats... be sure to check out the full collection on the RA website because I am certain there are some of the next generation of revered artists in this exhibition and I can't feature them all on here!

Beatrice by Gatoralis, Age 16 

 After taking a candid shot of my friend standing in her bedroom, eyes obscured by her fringe, I was inspired to open my oil paints for the first time in an attempt to capture the enticing colours and atmosphere of the original photo. The clash of green and reds within the painting alongside the stylistic untameable strands of hair conclusively created a new image entirely: an illustration of the photograph through my own eyes.


Lady Margaret by Lola, Age 9  

This is Lady Margaret balancing birds on her head. I made her from old magazines and newspapers and water colour paint. I called her Lady Margaret because I thought the name suited her!

Clouds Over Blackfriars Station by Patrick, Age 17 

This surreal painting is of some of the offices over Blackfriars station. The subtle reflection of the clouds makes it seem in harmony with nature and the dramatic, imaginary skyscape above it. I was intrigued by biomimetic architecture and thought this concept is applicable to virtual images seen in the reflection of glass window. Despite being a simple, everyday structure, I think this scene encompasses the idea of sustainable architecture and how it should serve the powerful natural world and revere it.


Listen Here Buddy by Nicole, Age 16

I personally like art that does not take itself too seriously. There is a place for art that has social, political and moral messages, but there must also be art that just makes us smile. I was inspired by artists like Rene Magritte and Wayne White and hope I got a flavour of their humour in my work?

Me by Omotayo, Age 17

When investigating the topic of context I ventured down the path of identity and culture, in which I tried to portray my own in this piece. In this self portrait I tried to merge aspect of abstractness and realism. I used a common fabric from my culture to reflect part of my background and used a series of differing photographs to represent different emotions that I face, in these I tried to be expressive and thought provoking. All this to represent different parts of 'me' so that the viewer can have a better understanding of the artist.

Paper People by Edie, Age 5

I like to draw my own people that I can role play with and make stories about. I've made hundreds and spend a lot of time playing with them. Here are some of my favourites glued onto a piece of paper. There are mums, dads, sisters, brothers and friends all together.

A Normal Train Ride by Kezia, Age 14

This artwork was inspired by my first few days of COVID-19 isolation.



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