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Halloween books to inspire!

Pick a Pumpkin and Gustavo are new hits in our house!


We love new books in our home, we particularly love beautifully illustrated ones, and these two amazing books came up on our radar a few weeks ago and they have been a huge hit with our kids. 

What I love about them is they have really inspired our youngest son's interest in Halloween, Autumn leaves and ghosts! 

So lets kick off with Gustavo The Shy Ghost.... wow, the illustration is amazing, really simple yet full of character, detail and a stunning colour pallet. Flavia Z. Drago is the illustrator who has created the amazing world of Gustavo and other monsters. Her Mexican heritage shines through with beautiful Day of the Dead touches throughout. 

I can honestly say this book will be read all year round not just at Halloween! Its really a special story about finding courage, confidence, and friendship. 

Next up is Pick A Pumpkin

This book is full of delights, the illustration captures the most incredible mood of Halloween, and Autumn with sumptuous tones of oranges, browns and greens..you feel like you are in the heart of a fall wonderland...The book is written by Patricia Toht and the artwork is created by the very talented illustrator Jarvis

Off go the families to choose their pumpkins, then transform them into Jack-o-lanterns! Then the dressing up and trick or treating adventures begin..

Both my boys loved this book, our eldest enjoyed reading  the slightly more grown up text and Fin fell in love with all the lantern faces!


So with all this Autumnal inspiration we headed off to a local farm to choose pumpkins and enjoy their beautiful woods on a spooky trail! Isn't it a wonderful thing when a book can inspire a day full of awesome memories! 

Has a book ever inspired you to try something new, or take a day trip you haven't done for years?

Both of these beautiful children's books can be found in your local book stores, or on one of those unmentionable online ones!!!! 

Have a magnificent Halloween you lovely folks! I know trick or treating is probably off the cards for most people this year but we will be out spotting & treating this year instead, which the boys are happy with as they still end up with loads of sweets!

Alice x



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