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New Discoveries ..............Zac Fay

Fabulous fun with illustrations by Zac Fay!


I first discovered Zac Fay's work while skulking around on twitter, one of my favorite past times! They made me smile immediately, and I was sold the second I spotted the gif below! 

Zac's colour pallets are certainly worth mentioning, it's limited but in the block style he uses it really packs a punch. He really knows how to use the softer tones, and pull the viewer in. One of the massive advantages to limiting your pallets is you end up with a really aligned collection of work to show commissioners...it's certainly a tactic that's working for Zac as his impressive client list continues to grow!

Let's delve into the world of Zac Fay a little deeper shall we!

Please tell us a little bit about how you found your way into illustration?

Since I can remember, I’ve been drawing, doodling and creating weird things. My parents really encouraged my creativity and ideas from a young age which really helped. I originally studied graphic design at university, which gave me a good grounding, but quickly realised illustration was what I really wanted to pursue.

Are there any artists who inspired you to pursue Illustration? And who inspires you now?

I’m constantly inspired by so many amazing artists and illustrators. I’ve always been a huge fan of Mike Perry and his work was certainly a catalyst. I think there are too many to list now, but I’m digging Yongoh Kim and Henning Wagenbreth particularly at the moment.

Artwork by Henning Wagenbreth

Can you tell us about how you work, digitally, inks, ipad, by hand???

I usually create digital illustrations from hand-drawn scans which are then edited on a Wacom tablet. I also dabble in watercolour and animation. In my digital work, I try to give it an analogue sensibility, so it looks like someone actually made it, not a computer! Bold, solid colour is definitely a common thread throughout my work, with snippets of texture and pattern here and there.

Which personal projects have been your favourite?

I think it’s really important to dedicate time to personal work because it keeps my brain ticking over and helps me to push myself further in my overall practice. No particular personal projects jump out at me, but I do love creating characters that I can envision in my world!

Which commercial project was your favourite to work on?

I was really stoked to recently collaborate with Bielke & Yang on a project for Helsesista, who is a public health figure from Norway. Her new initiative Snakklitt is an anonymous conversation service which has been created in response to covid-19. Anyone can call experienced volunteers to have a chat and feel connected during this time of physical distancing. So the illustrations were my chance to help convey feelings of digital connectivity in a time when physical connections aren't so easily come by.

I also worked on the 'No Planet No Fun' illustrative campaign which was really fun to be part of. I'm pretty passionate about environmental issues, so I was really keen to join a super talented group of creatives and create an illustration for the project. It was a way for me to utilise my practice to support a larger, really important initiative.

What is your biggest goal professionally as an illustrator?

I'd love to keep working for brands and companies that I look up to, and that have values that align with my own. Doing some good with what comes out of my brain!

Can you tell us a little about your creative experiences during the pandemic?

I had a couple of big projects on at the beginning of the pandemic, so it really helped to have existing things to be working on. I think people in creative industries really banded together in response to the pandemic. People turn to the arts and entertainment when they’re stuck inside, and processing the world around them, so there was a really great chance to connect with people digitally both through personal projects and community-driven campaigns. So I’ve actually been quite busy, which has been good to keep my mind off things!

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