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Pecha Kucha Live Drawing by Josie Jo!

Josie Jo's incredible free hand drawings come to life in this short animation Last month the brilliant Pecha Kucha celebrated local...


Exploring the textiles of Fanny Shorter

  We discuss the shift from printmaking to textiles design for Illustrator Fanny Shorter Fanny Shorter is one of Boxbirds best selling...


Spotlight on....Karl James Mountford

  We talk to Karl James Mountford about his beautiful book cover illustrations, how he got started in Illustration, his inspirations...


Spotlight on ...Penelope Kenny

Penelope Kenny joined us at the end of 2016, and I could not be more excited to sell her unique and beautiful artwork.  I spoke to Penelope...


Spotlight on... Jane Ormes

I have always been a huge fan of Jane Ormes's work, not only because of her exquisite eye for design but also for her wonderful humor, which...


Spotlight on... BiroRobot

Lisa & Elena are sisters, remarkably talented sisters who are better known as Biro Robot, a unique design studio creating beautiful ranges...


Spotlight on... Peskimo

I spotted Peskimo's work on a blog quite some time ago while on maternity leave and filed in in my brain under 'must get in touch with them'......


Spotlight on... Helen Musselwhite

Helen Musselwhite's work captures you from the second you lay your eyes on it. The longer and closer you look at them you are drawn into her...


Spotlight on... Tom Frost

Tom Frost joined us for the first time during the A to B Exhibition in 2010. His work grabbed Graham & I straight away and we knew we were...


Spotlight on... Ellen Giggenbach

I looooovvvvvveeeeee Ellen's work and was absolutely delighted when she agreed to produce an exclusive set of original paper cuts for...


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