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Pecha Kucha Live Drawing by Josie Jo!

Josie Jo's incredible free hand drawings come to life in this short animation

Last month the brilliant Pecha Kucha celebrated local creative talent with an evening of speakers selected to inspire! 

Pecha Kucha, if your not familiar with it, is an evening of talks where each person presents twenty slides, and can speak about each one for twenty seconds. They are brilliant, fast, and so interesting. And what's awesome is that if you cant make it to a live night you can listen to all the talks from around the world and see the slide shows online afterwards! Yes, I have done one, it was on behalf of SCIP, you can listen to it here if you like! 

Through all these crazy Covid19 times it's a brilliant resource to dip into for a bit of fun to fill your days! The talks are not always creative, they cover hundreds of industries from countries all over the globe! 

So at the last Brighton event they bought along the brilliant illustrator Josie Jo to do live drawing as the talks were revealed. Her beautiful loose sketching style shone through on this project, you can almost feel the energy and atmosphere of the room through her beautiful drawings. 

The Ipad has become a really amazing tool for artists like to Josie to create these kind of projects on! Id love to see what everyone else is also creating on their Ipads now!  


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