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New Discoveries

A series of features of new creative discoveries from the Boxbird Team...


Lockdown was hard... is hard.. but it did give me the opportunity to start researching a new series of blog posts - something I had pledged to create more of back in February!! (fail!)

Suddenly home schooling and having my youngest son off nursery made working on my phone during movie afternoons and cuddle times one of my only options! So I was suddenly using my time very differently....researching and exploring social media was something I never had time for between exhibitions and workshops, clients and accounts ... and then Covid struck!!

So with all the exhibitions and workshops gone, and all my freelance clients dropping like flies I began an epic and amazing research project!

I started of with the intention of featuring some of the interesting projects I found folks were embracing during the pandemic, but quickly found myself side tracked by a mountain of amazing talent I simply had not seen before! Because I stopped selling other artists work a year of so ago ( long story short, flood destroying all my stock and studio, my sister dying and general new view of life), I think that element of my work, researching new artists had stopped... and I hadn't realised how much I missed it!

Rina Jost - coming soon to the New Discoveries Series


The New Discoveries Series will not just feature new talent but also established artists who simply hadn't made it on to my working mum radar before! And i'm not limiting myself to illustration either, any artist that simply excites and amazes me! I so have a bot of a passion for ceramics these days so you may spot one of them!!

Jan Sedmak coming soon to The New Discoveries Series 


So I hope you enjoy the journey and perhaps make some new discoveries of your own along the way! I would love to hear what you think of the artists I have found, perhaps you have followed them for years and have even more insight or a favorite artworks i haven't featured? Equally if you think there is an artist I should be featuring let me know! 

The first New Discoveries post is coming soon....

(image credit Cris Denoto)

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