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The Deep - Burning of the Clocks 2013

by Burning The Clocks

  • Giclée
  • A2


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Limited Edition Giclee print for Same Sky, supporting the amazing Burning Of The Clocks Parade 2013. The profits of the same of this print goes directly to Same Sky to ensure the contiued success of one of Brightons most iconic events!

What Graham Says!!!

"Fortunately i had been playing around with underwater imagery and lanterns when Samesky approached me to help them design a flyer image and print to help promote that years' Burning the Clocks event. I treated it as a companion piece to a print i was half-way though designing called 'School Run'. Both images feature an imagined underwater scene in Brighton around the West Pier. I wanted to depict the feel of the event itself by making many of the underwater creatures resemble lanterns themselves. A feature which i have carried through into subsequent flyers"

Edition of 50

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