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Baboon Carrying

by Graham Carter

  • Wood cut
  • 15 X 15cm framed


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Graham is well known for his extraordinary 3D boxed artworks, which are usually huge in size and over £2000! These little beauties make his stunning approach more accessible to everyone, in mini box frames and open edition they are the perfect way to collect something a little different for your home!

Hung on the wall or perched on a bookshelf these beautiful 3d artworks will draw you in time and time again as you enjoy the characters and detail that Graham brings to life. 

Made using laser cut wood which is hand painted with a giclee printed background - each one will arrive framed in a white painted wooden box frame with Grahams signature on the back of the frame.

Please note there is a short delay on these as they are made to order....we will let you know as soon as it has been shipped!  

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